Friday, December 7, 2018

Tween Girl Gift Guide

I have had so much fun shopping for my 10 going on 16 year old this year.  Its such a great age because they are right on the cusp of being a teen, yet still a kid.  Here is my 2018 gift guide for tweens!

1. Unicorn Slime Kit

I don't know about you, but both of my girls are crazy about slime.  They are constantly making up new recipes for different version of slime.  I love this kit because it comes with everything you need to make several different kinds of slime AND a nice container to put everything in when they are done.  Minimal mess with easy clean up is my kind of thing!

2. Watercolor Crush

My tween is really into art right now.  She wants an easel and all sorts of art supplies.  I thought this would be a fun addition to that!  It has high reviews where people say they bought it as a gift and ended up keeping it for themselves because it is that great!

3. Gumball Machine

This is such a fun gift idea!  What tween doesn't love gum, and the thought of having her very own machine makes it even better.  Plus, it doubles as a piggy bank, right?

4. Ear Buds

Unfortunately, I think that with the teens comes the inevitable ear buds.  If they have to have them, at least make them cute!  I absolutely love the case that these come with!

5. Karaoke Microphone

My daughter has this Karaoke microphone and loves it!  She and her friends stayed up late into the night playing with it at a recent sleepover.  It has been our go to birthday present for her friends recently! Plus, this one is rose gold, which makes it a winner.

6. Razor A5 Scooter

This scooter is bigger than the typical scooter and comes with a kickstand.  My tween has outgrown her old scooter and this is at the top of her list.

7. Echo Dot--Alexa

Okay, I know this is on every single tween gift guide out there, but y'all!  It's because it is just.that.great!  My tween uses it for literally everything!  Right now, she is listening to Christmas music on it.  She checks her homework, sets her alarm, asks it to tell her a joke, and asks it all sorts of questions that I don't know the answer to.  It is amazing.

8. Pineapple Roller Skates

My tween wants to learn to roller skate and has been asking for a new pair.  She specifically requested these pineapple ones, which I think are simply adorable! These are also really cute.

9. Nail Art Studio

My daughter loves to paint her nails.  I while back I bought her a nail paint pen from Target and she is obsessed with it!  I like the fact that this comes with several different options!

10.  Sleepover Bag

We have started the age of sleepovers. This bag is absolutely perfect for them! Its cute, its roomy, and can be wiped clean.  Its not fabric.  We have this brand and love it.  There are so many other patterns to choose from, too.

That's it for now!  I will be back with a tween boy gift guide and a 6-8 year old girl gift guide very soon.  Happy shopping!!

*This post does contain affiliate links.