Monday, December 5, 2011

Reindeer Gift Tags

The weather today is horrible and rainy, so I was trying to come up with something fun for the kids to do. I ran across this idea a while back and can't recall where--It was obviously before my obsession with Pinterest!

All you need are some willing kiddos, brown paint, and gift tags (or even paper will do).

Paint a kiddo's finger and let them press it wherever they want. Don't tell them where, come on step back, I know a few of you want to! Let this be their creations!

After they are done, let them decorate! You could even pull out the glitter, jewels, red fuzz balls, or whatever else you have in your art bins! We weren't able to get too crazy because my llittlest little woke up!

Ta Da! You have the cutest gift tags under the tree!

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