Monday, September 26, 2011

Pirate Part, Part 3

It's time to wrap up the pirate party posting! Even though I had a blast putting this pary together, I can't gaze at it and admire it forever. Afterall, I have a princess party to plan in a little more than a month!

So, I thought I would start this post with the invite. We did the whole message in a bottle thing. Nathan loved giving them to all his friends. They thought he was pretty cool, which he is.

I surfed the net for a few ideas for the invite and mashed all those ideas into one perfect paper. We printed them on parchment paper, burned the edges, tied it up with hemp rope, and stuffed it in the bottle along with sand, a pirate ring and some seashells.

Next up are the favors. I lurve them! I found the cutest pirate gumball machines online and had to have them. I designed a cute little tag to go along with it and let my silhouette machine do all the cutting. I love that thing.

The first game we played was our Captain Hook game. My hubby cut him out of plywood and we painted and sealed him. He kinda became a part of our family because he was one of the first things we made for the party. So, there he sat, in our breakfast room, watching us eat.

Anyway, we filled up black water balloons (cannon balls). Each kid had to walk the plank (a wooden board) and then throw cannon ball at Hook. They loved it!

Then, we had a treasure hunt with clues hidden all over the yard.

The last clue led the kids inside to a pirate chest filled with these bags that I made. I bought the plain bags online and then ironed on a skull. I filled each bag with chocolate coins.

We had a tattoo parlor and a treasure dig outside in our sandbox, too.

So there you have it! Can't wait to show you what else I have in the works--some kid crafts, home improvement projects, and a princess party!

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  1. How did you do that with the swing set and the skull + cross bones? aaannddd a tattoo parlor?! I LOVE IT.