Sunday, August 12, 2012

Template Love

Back in my pre third child days, I use to have a bit more time on my hands and became a photographer.  I loved taking pictures of everyone, from newborns, to families, and even seniors!  My clients would often ask me to design their Christmas cards, birth announcements, and birthday cards. many of them I would design myself, but sometimes it was just easier to buy templates.  Why re invent the wheel, huh?

As I was searching for templates made with photographers in mind, I hit GOLD with Birdesign!  I think I swooned over their cards for hours and now have many of them in my stash.  If you have, oh say lots of time to fall in love, go take a look at their new website! Have your wallet ready, though, because I warn you--you will find so many things you LOVE!

If you're not in the market for a birth announcement, they have a ton of other things to offer : blog banners, accordian style book templates (which make great Christmas gifts to grandma), and storyboards, just to name a few!

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