Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Annual Elf Breakfast

George the Elf is back this December and just in the nick of time!  I'm not sure my kids would have stayed on the nice list too much longer.  I needed the "George is watching you," threat!

So, George celebrated his return with his annual north Pole Breakfast.  you can see our last year's breakfast here. Get a cup of hot chocolate because there are a ton of pictures!

Inside each Santa gift bag was a Gymboree Christmas shirt and a pair of Christmas socks.

The kids were so excited about George's return! They were bouncing off the walls after a sugar filled, traditional elf breakfast.  The only thing we were missing is syrup.  :)

I love this picture because Garett is reading the note George left Nathan, and Nathan is eyeing the elf.  "You want be to be nice to my sisters??? All the time???"

Reindeer Sippy Cups, cupcake cups, fondant cupcake toppers:  Target
Table cloth, Santa gift bags: Walmart

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  1. I am just seeing this cute elf breakfast! I LOVE IT!! I'm already missing Christmas. Your kids are just precious!