Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gasp! I bought white couches!

Yes, I did it.  I am guilty of breaking the cardinal rule for moms with three kids; three young kids who are five and under, who have sticky hands, dirty feet, and holes in their mouths (that is the only way I can explain the amount of food that misses their mouths!!!).

I BOUGHT TWO WHITE COUCHES!!!  For my family room!  The room that we often eat it, the room that we live in.  See, I have wanted that white, shabby chic look for a long time.  I drooled over the Pottery Barn couches since my first son was a baby.  I thought I'd be old and gray before I could get them.

Then, I went to Ikea and found them--white SLIP COVERED couches and my heart did a little pitter patter right then and there!  They were cheap and on sale and SLIP COVERED!  That means, if I hate them in a year or two, I won't cry that I spent a fortune on them.  My husband and I scooped them up right there and brought them home.  We held a moment of silence for our sagging, stained, 8 year old couch and then chucked it to the curb.

This was three months ago, three summer months ago.  And guess what, the couches are still in almost perfect condition!  There is a spot or two on them, but they wash right out! These couches have been eaten on, jumped on (they became a gymnastics playground during the Olympics for my 3 and 5 year olds), and abused.  And I am still in love with them! Sigh...

I have my eye on a beautiful mercury glass lamp at Hobby Lobby to replace my pidly little lamp from the old house.  I also bought some curtains from Target that are way too short--see them folded up on the table??  Just haven't mustered up the energy to wait in the return line with three kidlets.


  1. Wow, beautiful couches! Your kids must love to jump there! (sorry by my English)

  2. in love with your couches!!!!!!! wow!!